Theatre of Youth Piatra Neamț



Saturday, 10 September | 11.00 AM | duration: 1h 20min | Theatre of Youth

a performance by FĂRĂ ZAHĂR

directing: Bobo Burlăcianu and Cosmin Panaite
lyrics: Bobi Dumitraș (after Antoaneta Zaharia’s text, ”The writer and the writing machine”)
music: Bobo Burlăcianu and Paul-Ovidiu Cosovanu
set design: Réka Oláh
stage movement: Andreea Belu

cast: Paul-Ovidiu Cosovanu, Nora Covali, Andrei Merchea-Zapotoțki, Dragoș Ionescu, Rareș Pîrlog, Corina Grigoraș, Emanuel Becheru, Iulia-Paula Niculescu, Maria Hibovski, Gina Gulai, Cătălina Eșanu, Cătălina Bălălău

WOW is the astonishment born from stories. It is a contemporary fairy-tale that unfolds in vivid rhythms and colours, with verses full of humour and irony, with games and places of childhood. 

Beyond the magic of the tale, the production creates an occasion for dialogue between generations – children, parents, grandparents – around questions about the condition of art in the present day.