Teatrul Tineretului Piatra-Neamț


by George Cocoș

Director: Irina Slate
Set design: Andreea-Diana Nistor
Choreography: Teodora Budescu
Sound design: Ștefan Ruxandra

Yellow Tomato: Rareş Pîrlog
Mr.Potato / Bio Cabbage: Florin Mircea Jr
White Radish: Cătălina Eşanu
Brown Mushroom: Ecaterina Hâţu
Capsicum: Dan Grigoraş
Apio: Daniel Beşleagă

Assistants – high school students: Olivia Călin, assistant director // Ștefana Tărniceru, assistant dramaturgy // Ioana Corduneanu, assistant set design // Letiția Asavei, assistant technical directing // Melisa Micu, assistant production // Maria Buhușanu, assistant lights // Andrei Andronache, assistant sound // Serena Humă, assistant promotion // Flavia Apetrei, assistant choreography

PREMIERE:  10 july 2019

Time: 50 min

A performance about everyone’s need to be respected and loved, about freeing anyone locked up in the cages of prejudice.

The performance is part of the #SAFESPOTT project, promoting a safe space for educational debate on topic of diversity and tolerance. The three performances in this project, based on texts selected following a dramaturgy competition, are produced by teams composed of professionals under 35 (director, set designer, sound/video designer) supported by volunteer assistants (high school students), thus able to work with producing a performance from text stage reading to the premiere.