Teatrul Tineretului Piatra-Neamț



Collective creation adapted from Nicolae Esinencu

With Andrei Merchea-Zapotoţki
Director: Tudor Tăbăcaru
Photo: Romulus Boicu


First performance: 8 March 2018

Time: 1h 10min

ABOUT WOMEN. ONE-MAN SHOW is a tribute to the loved woman, the wife, the dragon-fly, the pretty-eyes, the kiddo, Ioana, Scârbă’s giddy one, the four wives of Briciu – even the mother-in-law has a small guest appearance. And even more, it’s dedicated to women who would rather flee home, on a planet far-far away.
Although ABOUT WOMEN claims to be a one-man show, it is the collective work of several men, even the technical crew is fully male. Despite this, no man was hurt during the production of this performance – at least not until it was seen, for the first time, by the shiny eyes of women.