Teatrul Tineretului Piatra-Neamț



by Elise Wilk

Aida Avieriţei, Cătălina Bălălău, Sabina Brânduşe, Corina Grigoraș, Loredana Grigoriu, Gina Gulai, Ecaterina Hâțu, Maria Hibovski, Cătălina Ieșanu, Lucreția Mandric, Cristina Mihăilescu, Adina Suciu

Director: Eugen Jebeleanu
Set design: Velica Panduru
Music: Claudiu Urse


Time: 1h 10min

„In January, Gianina Cărbunariu came towards me with one of the most interesting proposals I’ve encountered so far as a playwright: to write a text specifically for 12 of the acctresses at the Theatre of Youth in Piatra Neamț. I had total liberty in choosing the theme, so I finally opted for the story in Feminine. It’s not easy to write a text only with female characters, especially since they are so many. I chose to tell this story because talk about bullying is still scarce, as well as about pressures young people are exposed in a technology-immersed age. And because there is not enough talk about how it is to be a woman today either. So, in fact, it’s not a single story, it’s 12 stories speaking, among others, about love, abuse, parents-children relationships, the pressure of the society and fear of old age. I believe many of the female spectators will see themselves in the stories that I and director Eugen Jebeleanu chose to show, and I hope that our performance will incite dialogue.“ (ELISE WILK)

Feminine is a manifest about violence and intimacy, a testimony about love, responsibilities and assuming. The red thread brings into the debate the revenge porn phenomenon in educational institutions. Inspired from a real sexual aggression in online, the text of Elise Wilk focuses on the case of a girl that is bullied in school after photos with a nude of herself were circulated among fellow students. The performance follows the development of this event as a sensitive inquiry on the case, seen from different perspectives, raising questions about the educational and family environment. Which are the relationships among people? How much of our privacy (still) belongs to us and may be protected and how much can we master our virtual identity? (EUGEN JEBELEANU)