Teatrul Tineretului Piatra-Neamț



adapted from Ian McEwan
concert-performance by Ada Milea

Peter: Emanuel Becheru
Kate: Corina Grigoraș
Mother: Nora Covali
Father: Rareș Pîrlog
Teachers: Gina Gulai, Maria Hibovski, Cătălina Ieșanu
Children: Cătălina Bălălău, Andrei Merchea Zapotoțki, Dragoș Ionescu, Valentin Florea

Set design: Alina Herescu
Drawings & animation: Paul Mureșan
Adapted from a dramatization by Antoaneta Zaharia
Translation: Dana Crăciun

First performance: 27 Oct 2017

Time: 1h

In a world in which we are taught from an early age that we must always be No.1, that we have to obey daily routine rules, a child dares to enrich this reality with amazing dreams, fabulous characters, and unexpected events. In his fantastic adventures, the many dolls of her younger sister take control over the house, and the old family tomcat’s fur has a hidden zipper that opens towards another world.

A concert-performance, in which any sound can become music, and dreams turn as important as reality.