Teatrul Tineretului Piatra-Neamț



by Mircea Moroianu

Director: Daniel Chirilă
Set design: Gábor Zsófi
Video design: Andrei Cozlac
Photo: Andrei Ceobanu

He, Andrei Ungureanu: Mircea Postelnicu
She, Lori_dark89: Corina Grigoras
Curator Steve: Cristina Mihăilescu

Assistants – high school students: Paula Bratinca, assistant director // Ali Berariu, assistant dramaturgy developer // Petruța Pavăl, assistant set designer // Albertina Rîpanu, assistant light designer // Vasile Răzvan Trăsnea, assistant sound designer // Daniela Popa, assistant production manager // Octavia Bortișcă, assistant tehnical director // Roxana Bobric, assistant promotion manager


Time: 1h

SuperOK! Is a performance about life lived online, about immersion in technology, during a future when people communicate virtually, believing they are thus protected by risks brought by direct social interactions, as spontaneous, impredictible and exposed to external examination as they can be. The excessive wish to be hip, combined with conventions of the digital realm, often leads to ridiculous, funny situations, but grave nevertheless.

This performance is produced within the Mic-Ro Laborator de creație teatrală, a cultural project co-funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration. This project does not necessarily reflect the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. NCFA is not responsible for the content of the project or the way in which project results may be used. Responsibility for the above lies entirely with the beneficiary of the funding.