Teatrul Tineretului Piatra-Neamț


Adapted from William Shakespeare

Director: Radu Nica

Set and costumes design: Iulia Gherghescu
Translation: Lucia Verona
Choreography consulting: Anda Maria Acristinei
Assistant directors: Rhea Bârsăşteanu, Irisz Kovacs, Tudor Nicorici, Ana Maria Ţârlea

Don Pedro: Mircea Postelnicu
Don John: Emanuel Becheru
Benedick: Andrei Merchea Zapotoţki
Claudio: Valentin Florea
Borachio: Dragoş Ionescu
Leonato: Tudor Tăbăcaru
Hero: Cătălina Bălălău
Beatrice: Sabina Brânduşe


First performance:  30 March 2019

Time: 2h 10min

     „Even though the text apparently is one of Shakespeare’s most optimistic comedies, supported by all necessary ingredients – costume ball generating confusions among characters, spectacular overturns, happy end etc. – and debating “the unbearable lightness of being”, under the tonic surface there is a much more serious underground, two layers of themes echoing towards today: that of mafia-like rapport in the political sphere and the obvious subordination of women. The performance also relies on questioning the sense of the theatre, an art that, more than ever, has been on a quest for legitimacy.”

(Radu-Alexandru Nica, director)