Teatrul Tineretului Piatra-Neamț


The Theatre of Youth is a space of creative collaboration among artists, employed or invited, and the public. Our posture is „The Theatre of Youth – creative CO-Laboratory”, and its essential coordinates are: collaboration, community, contemporary, regional, national and international co-production. Co-Art is a concept increasingly gaining ground in the beginning of the 21st century, involving active participation of the creators, the public and the projects partners. Active participation does not assume a type of interaction where the public or the artist in a project is told what to do, but the opening of a genuine dialogue instigating the joy of shared creativity, the empowerment of all participants and generating loyalty towards the institution. Irrespective of the fact that the text behind a performance is classical or contemporary, the theatre, by its very essence, is an art of the here and now, an art of the present targeting its contemporary public – no longer satisfied to be a passive audience, but willing to enter a dialogue, to confront its opinions and affinities, and even be part of the artistic process. This is why all performances are accompanied by press conferences, discussions with the public, public development workshops, spectators as production assistants, critical instruments acquiring workshops, public readings and guided tours in the theatre building – all this facilitating the access of the public to the culture act.

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